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Need help to build your website? Need more traffic and sales? Get free advice and technical support to build your dream website, start your online business, and make more money online. We provide free 1-on-1 support and live training for users of all popular site builders, including WordPress, Solo Build It, GroovePages, GrooveFunnels, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Kartra, Shopify, etc.

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FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com: My Mission

I believe technical barriers should not stop you from building your website and online business.

That's why I started FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com, your personal website help desk, to help you build your dream website and make money online.

How can FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com help you?

  • If you desire to build your own website to tell your story, share your knowledge, or sell your products and services but you're inundated by all the marketing noise out there...
  • If you have a website that is broken, hacked, or non-functional in some way and you're getting no or cold response from the very folks you're paying to host and/or manage your site...
  • If you're looking for tools and strategies to get more visitors to your website and convert more visitors into paying customers...

Then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find the most friendly and helpful community of users who are ready to answer any website building questions you have, in a friendly and professional manner, and for free.

Head over to the forums and post your question,

... or if you're dealing with a sensitive and urgent issue that you'd rather not discuss in a public forum, please click here to contact me privately.

Meet Your Website Support Ninja

My name is George Appiah... and I'm the Founder, Tech Support Ninja, and the Head Janitor here at your favorite free website support community, FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com.

Since graduating from college some 20-odd-years ago with an engineering degree, I've done nothing but provide tech support. I've run my own computer services business, doing everything from installing new computers and networks, to answering help desk calls. And I run my own web hosting business, way back when hosts boasted about how many megabytes they offered 😊

Today, I build, host, and manage websites for a handful of clients. I'm also an active WordPress support volunteer in the official WordPress forums, where I've answered thousands of questions from WordPress users all over the world.

I still help out in the WordPress support forums, and I will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. But the idea for FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com came out of the frustrations I experience while trying to help people in the WordPress forums, for free (hint: the damn rules!).

My ultimate goal here is to create a free, friendly, help-end-be-helped online community, where community members help each other overcome their technical challenges to build their dream websites and online businesses, irrespective of what software or online service they choose to use.

I'm also working out a system that will allow a carefully screened few, where necessary, to directly login to members' websites in a safe, secure, and professional manner, and fix problems for them.

There's still a lot of work to do to get to this "promised land". But I'm truly excited about the opportunity to serve and help a wider community of users overcome technical barriers to build their websites and online businesses.

So head over to the forums and introduce yourself now. I can't wait to read your story and officially welcome you to the community!

Thank you. 👏👏👏

George Appiah

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