Free Website Help Desk: Get The Free Website Support You Deserve Now!

Need help with your website now? I will help you fix any problem with your website for free. Get the free help you need and deserve to design, build, host, secure and monetize your website now.

My name is George Appiah, and I'm a partner and technical support specialist at an awesome little company that builds, hosts, and manages very high-traffic websites for a handful of clients.

But I also love to teach... and to give back whenever I can. That's why, for well over a decade, I've been an active support volunteer in the official WordPress Support Forum, helping people fix their WordPress websites for free.

Here at, I'm extending that tender loving care to every website and website owner, no matter the technology used.

Get Your Free Website Support Now

Whether you want to install a script on your website, fix a nagging issue, add new pages or edit existing ones... I'd be glad to help. Recent free website support people have requested include:

  • Install WordPress, WordPress plugin or WordPress theme
  • Recommend WordPress theme or plugin for a new website
  • Cleanup a hacked website
  • Transfer website from one host to another
  • Setup website after buying a new domain or hosting account
  • Install Facebook tracking pixel
  • Optimize a sluggish website to run faster and get higher speed test scores
  • etc., etc., etc...

These are just the recent requests I've received here at this free website help desk. If it's about websites, online ads, social media, Internet marketing, or any aspect of running a successful online business, chances are very high that I can help you.

So don't suffer in silence anymore... go ahead and ask for help now!

So, What's The Catch?

Sorry to disappoint you, but there's none. Seriously. While a tip in the tip jar will always be appreciated, there are no "hidden fees" for this free website support I'm offering, and definitely no sinister masterplan other than to help smart and hardworking people like you who need a little help with your websites and Internet businesses.

That said, while there's no catch, there's definitely something in it for me. First, there's the personal satisfaction I get from helping people. I'll also probably make a quid or two from advertising and referral commissions. And I'm hoping a teensy-weensy percentage of the people who receive free help from this website might hire me to fully manage their sites or build their complete sites from scratch.

So, there you have it: go ahead and ask for help now!