Free Website Support and Live Website Training For The Rest Of Us

Don't let your website and technology frustrations hold you back from realizing your online business dream. Get free website support now!

A fast, secure and professional website is an essential foundation of any online business whether your online business idea is to:

  • Share your passion on a blog and monetize passively with ads and affiliate links
  • Create, sell and teach an online course
  • Lead a premium online group coaching program
  • Launch an online membership or continuity program
  • Setup an e-commerse store to sell digital or physical goods

But did you know 95% of websites and blogs fail  within just a year of launch? Did you know only 5% of active bloggers earn a full time income from their blogs? Did you know inadequate planning, frustrations with website technology, and lack of accountability are the top reasons why most people fail to turn their passions into full-time income online? 

Imagine if there were a place online you could go to have all your website creation questions answered instantly and in complete confidence.

Imagine if you could have a gifted teacher and mentor look over your shoulders and lovingly guide you solve your website's problems all by yourself.

Imagine if you could have a trusted pro take care of all your technical tasks while you focus on high-value tasks that bring the dough!

You don't have to imagine it. I created it. 

My name is George Appiah, and I built Free Website Help Desk to help you take full control of your online business destiny. As your Personal Website Help Desk Concierge, I will help you overcome all the technical and non-technical barriers that stop 95% of people from realizing their online business dreams.

I will teach, mentor and help you build an amazing website, attract a pre-sold and ready-to-buy audience, and generate multiple streams of online business income from your website.

Are you ready to make a dent in the universe? Let's get started!


Your Website Rescue Team

Is your website hacked or throwing up gobbledygook on the page? Is your shopping cart broken and not processing orders anymore? Do you need help to fix something on your site urgently?

First, please stay calm. Uncle George is here and all will be well soon.

Now pick your phone and call me on +1 (615) 669-8647 if speaking on the phone will put you more at ease. Better yet, click here to submit your urgent request via email. I may not always be able to take your live calls, but I'll always respond to your email (or voicemail) within the hour.


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