About Free Website Help Desk

(And Its Wacky Founder George Appiah)

Free website help desk for millions of website owners around the world? What a crazy idea! Find out about FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com and its wacky founder George Appiah.

Hi there, I’m George Appiah, your friendly helper here at FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com. I live in sunny Accra, Ghana with my tiny wife Linda and our 2-year-old big boy Elvis.

Working from my over-sized 4-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city, I build, host and manage money-making websites for coaches, consultants, independent professionals, and online entrepreneurs who make a living from sharing their knowledge.

I've been building, hosting and managing websites for 15 years now. And as my WordPress profile shows, I’ve been working with WordPress for nearly as long.

Through these years, I’ve worked with the whole gamut of clients from all over the world: from the awesome client to the client from hell. I’ve also built, run, and sold over a dozen of my own theme-based content websites.

I founded FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com as a way for me to give back. If you want to learn how to build and manage your own websites, I’d be honored to be your teacher, mentor, and resource. Feel free to join the community to ask a question and access all the free resources available.

Other Places To Find Me

I love building and managing websites, and I love teaching and freely sharing my knowledge and life experiences. In addition to FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com, I also run several other hobby websites, including FishTankPlanet.com (a fish tanks and aquariums resource and community website) and TennesseeSmallBusiness.com (an online directory of small businesses in the state of Tennessee, USA)

I also run these other businesses:

BuildMyPlatform.com builds online business platforms — professional blogs, membership sites, online courses, e-commerce sites, discussion forums, mini-social networks, etc — for authors, coaches, consultants and other independent service professionals.

AMENFIS LLC (incorporated in Delaware, USA and dba Amenfis.com) offers premium website hosting and maintenance services for small businesses and online entrepreneurs. It’s a premium hosting service (starting at $97/month) on private servers (VPS) and comes bundled with website maintenance and unlimited, 24x7 support for all clients.

AMENFIS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED (incorporated in my home country, Ghana) offers managed IT services to a handful of local businesses in Ghana. This was my first foray into the wonderful world of business. While I don’t actively pursue new business, I always have more clients than I could ever serve — thanks to word of mouth recommendation from happy clients.

As you can see, I have quite a lot on my hands. But I don’t do it all alone though: I lead an awesome team of engineers, developers, designers, misfits and general troublemakers who make all the magic happen.

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