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I've been building websites with WordPress for fourteen years now. I've also volunteered as a support assistant for nearly as long, occasionally jumping into the official support forums to help other people out.

While I enjoying helping people out in the official forums, I also find it disheartening to see people struggle for days and weeks with technical issues that know for sure I can fix in 5 minutes -- if only I could have access to the site.

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That's why I founded this free website help desk to provide a more personal (but still free) WordPress support to anyone, anywhere... including done-for-you support when necessary (something that is understandably prohibited in the official WordPress support forums). 

  • Do you need help to install WordPress and setup your first blog or website?
  • Are you looking for a recommendation for the best WordPress plugin or theme for your next website project?
  • Do you need help to install or configure your chosen WordPress theme or plugin?
  • Is your WordPress site hacked? Do you need help to cleanup your hacked website and stop the hackers from coming back? 
  • Do you need assistance to fix errors you're seeing on your WordPress blog or website?
  • Is your site too slow and making you drop in Google SEO ranking, lose sales and frustrated users?
  • Are you contemplating a major website project and wondering of WordPress is suitable for the task at hand?

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Whatever WordPress website project you're working on, whatever your WordPress website frustration, whatever assistance you need with your WordPress website...

I'm here and I'd be glad to help you.

Please browse below for quick answers to the WordPress questions that other brave souls have already asked me. Can't find your particular question or issue address already? Go ahead and ask now.

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