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George Appiah

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Jan 11, 2022
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OK, so as the founder and administrator of this website, I should have been the one to set the ball rolling by introducing myself first. But that didn't happen: @Diverfrank beat me to the punch while I was busy taking care of important family business.

But as the old adage goes, better late than never! So here goes my introduction 😆

My name is George Appiah... and I'm the Founder, Tech Support Ninja, and the Head Janitor here at your favorite free website support community, FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com.

But first, how did I get here?

A long, long time ago, I started an independent computer services business. I did everything from installing new computers and networks, to answering help desk calls. I even provided training and guided a whole lot of executives to become comfortable using their shiny new toys.

Then I started my own web hosting business, back then, when web hosting companies boasted about how many megabytes of storage they offered, and WordPress didn't even exist.

As a one-person hosting provider, I learned a ton about the business and technology of the hosting industry. Once again, I did everything... from installing new servers to configuring control panels, and providing 1-on-1technical support to all my web hosting clients. And because I've always believed a host's job is to keep clients' sites online, I often ended up jumping into clients' websites to try to fix their broken website code to bring their websites back online.

That's what eventually led me to learning how to build websites, discovering and using the popular content management systems of the day, and eventually transitioning to becoming a freelance web developer and internet marketer!

Today, I'm an active WordPress support volunteer in the official WordPress forums, where I've answered thousands of questions from WordPress users all over the world. I've been a WordPress user before WordPress even existed (beginning with the b2/cafelog blogging software, which became WordPress), I've learned a ton over the years, and I tremendously enjoy helping people overcome WordPress' technical complexities to build their dream websites.

I still help out in the WordPress support forums, and I will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. But the idea for FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com came out of the frustrations I experience while trying to help people in the WordPress forums, for free.

WordPress is a complex software piece of software, with many moving parts... any of which can be a source of frustration even for technically savvy website owners. And it's super frustrating trying to help people who can't even follow simple copy-and-paste instructions to fix their website problems. In such situations, my natural inclination is always to just jump in and fix the problem myself. Except for the WordPress forum rules, which, very understandably, prohibit any language that even hints at reaching out to users outside the forums.

My ultimate goal here is to create a free, friendly, help-end-be-helped online community, where community members help each other overcome their technical challenges to build their dream websites and online business, irrespective of what software or online service they choose to use. I'm also working out a system that will allow a carefully screened few, where necessary, to directly login to members' websites in a safe, secure, and professional manner, and fix problems for them.

I'm launching FreeWebsiteHelpDesk.com with the following site builders in mind:
On the forums page, you'll see we have dedicated sub-forums for each of these software. And if you're not using any of these softwares, take heart: simply post in the All Other Site Builders forum until we have enough interest from your particular site builder to justify creating a dedicated sub-forum for it.

Thank you.

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