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In other to help pay for the high cost of maintaining a high traffic site like this, and to be able to feed and shelter my family (as I spend most of my time helping folks here for free), this site accepts advertising and receives other forms of compensation. But please note that such compensation does not influence the information in this site. You know my style: I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and personal experiences.

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I have provided what I consider the best products and services in the industry to help you plan, build, and grow. I use or have used many of these products and services to run this website and other sites I own, and I have no doubt these recommended resources will help you tremendously in your own online business quest

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But, as always, your needs ALWAYS come first. In fact, I many of the recommended products and services don't pay me any commission at all... but I still wholeheartedly recommend these (instead of the inferior competing products that pay a hefty affiliate commission).

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